WELCOME TO BORNEO! We’re excited to announce that we’re opening a NEW resort in Borneo by late 2022 - a first for the region!

Are you ready for an unforgettable island getaway?

Club Med Borneo, at the heart of a tropical paradise

Club Med Borneo Kota Kinabalu will be located on the state of Sabah, on the north side of Borneo Island in Malaysia. Curious to know more about this tropical destination? Discover what you can expect from your holiday on this beautiful Malaysian island.

Welcome in one of the world’s most diverse rain forests!

This protected rain forest is a real jungle paradise… If you’re a nature-lover, you’ll be treated to lush jungle landscapes and the opportunity to see wild orangutans in their natural habitat - an unmissable experience!

Jungle adventures aren’t your cup of tea? No worry, Borneo is full of surprises! On the island coastlines, you’ll discover idyllic powdery white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that offers unobstructed sunset views…that’s what makes Club Med Borneo the perfect holiday destination - there’s something for everyone!

In this little tropical paradise, you’ll feel the inheritance of many local indigenous cultures, which brings together a wide array of cultures and languages, perfect for you to immerse in a new environment and its ancient local traditions. You’ll have the chance to spend your holidays inspired by this rich heritage through activities like evening dance shows, traditional rug and jewellery making, and interactive culinary classes and coffee tastings. Of course, this melting-pot will be on your plate too!

Right next to a mangrove reserve, our beautiful Club Med Borneo will offer plenty of activities. To ensure you don’t miss any of the natural wonders, we’ll offer countless excursions such as island hopping to the beautiful Pulau Tiga, a river ride that showcases Sabah’s diverse wildlife and ecosystem as well as an adrenaline-pumping white-water river rafting adventure.

About the resort

Club Med Borneo will be our second premium all-inclusive resort in Malaysia (with Club Med Cherating Beach), but the first to feature a Club Med Exclusive Collection space (5 Trident Space), for a more upscale experience!

The resort design will be inspired by traditional Borneo ethnic cultures while seamlessly integrating its structures with the surrounding rain forest. Club Med Borneo will feature plenty of spaces connected to nature, using local and sustainably sourced natural materials.

Here’s what’s waiting for you once inside:

400 rooms – 360 spacious rooms across various categories and 40 luxury suites

An all-day buffet restaurant serving international cuisines as well a “Gourmet Lounge”, an a la carte specialty restaurant that is included in Club Med’s all-inclusive offer

Free-flow bar with integrated entertainment space showcasing Club Med’s signature circus and musical shows as well as a pool bar dedicated to the Exclusive Collection Space.

Children’s Club facilities and dedicated services for kids of all ages (from 4 months to 17 years old)

Full range of Club Med facilities, including up to 30 types of land and water sports activities, and excursions to discover Kota Kinabalu and Sabah (Romantically described as The Land Below the Wind).

How to get there

By plane from Australia, it’s approximately a 12 hours connecting flight: first stop in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, and second flight to arrive at final destination, Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Then, you’re just a 90 minutes’ drive away from paradise…we’ll see you there!

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