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A large archipelago sprinkled across the Equator, Indonesia's thousands of volcanic islands are some of Australia's most beloved holiday spots. Home to tropical beaches, exotic wildlife, historic temples and lush vegetation, Indonesia is an unforgettable experience – whether it's a luxury villa in Bali or a secluded island resort off Indonesia's coastline.

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Bintan Island


Maldives & Mauritius

Located between Africa and Australasia, the Indian Ocean is a picture-perfect slice of paradise. Its unique geography, turquoise oceans and highly favourable climate have made it a favourite for Aussies looking for a tropical getaway. From beach holidays to the Maldives to active holidays in Mauritius. our resorts in the Indian Ocean have it all.

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From the famous temples in Bali and the pristine beaches of Bintan Island, to the wild jungles and secluded beaches of Malaysia and the lively atmosphere of Phuket, our Asian holiday destinations have it all. Asia boasts some of the world's best foodie destinations, from the spices of Thailand to sumptuous dumplings in, it's also home to some of the world's oldest cultures and longstanding traditions.

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Asian Mountains

Looking for snow sensations within a small reach? Club Med offers authentic snow holidays on Hokkaido where you can experience the Japanese way of life in a superb setting with ski accessible from the door. If you prefer magnificent Chinese mountain landscapes, experience Yabuli, a modern and refined Resort perfect for family holidays in the snow.

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The Americas

America has a dizzying variety of terrains. Central America bears the legacy of once great Mesoamerican civilisations, amongst fertile valleys and a huge variety of plants and animals of all types; meanwhile South America has the greatest concentration of rainforest and biodiversity in the world and The Caribbean stays the best place for sea, sun, culture and adventure.

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Cancun Yucatan


Europe & Africa

With landscapes ranging from arid deserts to fertile jungles and idyllic beaches, there is something for everyone to explore and ample opportunity to spot spectacular, iconic wildlife in Europe and Africa. Both destinations have such a rich history that museum and galleries will only be the first step to discover their unique heritage.

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Exclusive Collection

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With your family, your partner or your friends, choose the ultimate refined experience, in dream settings, and all included. Discover our Exclusive Collection: Villas & Chalets in the Maldives, in Mauritius or in France.

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