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Travellers choice 2017

Each year, Trip Advisor -the world's most trusted travel advice website- publishes the ranking of the most popular hotels and resorts from all around the world. Club Med is proud to announce that 6 of its resorts have been included in the list of Top 25 ‘...

Hall of fame

Certificate of Excellence celebrates the accommodations that make these perfect trips possible. After winning the Certificate of Excellence for 5 years, Club Med is proud to received the Hall of Fame award for 8 resorts.


"Club Med create an environment that makes relaxation and fun effortless. It’s the sort of holiday you invest in with confidence, knowing it will be a special one for you family. I loved the flexibility of tailoring the days effortlessly depending on the moments. If feeling energetic, we could fill the day with a range of activities. On the other hand, if we wanted a slow afternoon, we could just chill and enjoy the views. If I had to pick the one thing I loved the most about our time at Club Med, it was the memories we made, and took home with us."

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