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Imaging waking up to a turquoise paradise, grabbing your board and heading for an epic surf on world-class waves… welcome to Club Med Kani, Maldives! Discover the Maldives’ famous surf spots located just a few paddles away from Club Med Kani.

The surf…

Why surf in the Maldives?

A surf destination on the rise, the Maldives provide a great range of left and right reef breaks which will leave any surfer super stoked. and. A bit more forgiving than Indonesia or Tahiti, Maldivians reef break still suit best the intermediate to advanced surfers. Waves can range from a mellow 2 feet during the surf season (May-October) to a whopping 15 feet during the highest months (July-August), best for the brave at heart! During the dry season of November to February, there might still be some waves around but won’t be the main swell period – so pack a board just in case of a nice surprise swell, get some snorkeling or diving and spend some nice time with friends and family.

Surfing spots near Club Med Kani

For a sun, salt and surf-induced smiling experience, the Ninjas surf spot is only a few minutes away from Club Med Kani, offering perfectly-shaped waves and enough breaks for everyone to enjoy. Plus, access to many more famous surf spots from Club Med Kani including epic right breaks like Sultan, Jail’s, and Chicken, plus left breaks like Honkey’s and Coke’s. Note also that those spots are accessible from Club Med Finolhu Villas with a complementary 5-minute speedboat.

For maximum fun and minimum logistics, our crew can organise speedboats to get you quickly and safely to the best spots depending on the conditions. Our surf packages run from 4 to 6 outings per week.

"Is it possible to paddle from the resort?'

It is possible for an average or good surfer and will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. However it is at your own risk. For guaranteed security, we advise you to take the boat outings instead. If you still want to paddle to the break, we strongly advise to bring your own booties to avoid any injury from the reef. Booties are not sold nor available for rent at Club Med Kani.

"I am staying in the Finolhu Villas, can I still go surfing?"

You definitely can! By staying in the Finolhu Villas, you have access to a complementary 5-minute speedboat to Club Med Kani where you will have access to the speedboats taking you to surf on the Ninjas Break.


You can hire or bring your own board. We would advise you to bring your own board if you are a proficient surfer for best experience in the Maldives. However, if you'd like to hire, we have a total of 7 boards available from 6’8 hydrofish board to 9’0 longboard.

We can have up to 10 people on the speedboat with a requirement of 4 persons minimum to go out. During surfing season, it is best to pre-book and if there is less than 4 people going out, we will find a way to send you.

We provide water and also have a first aid box on hand if needed. However, we won’t have any rash shirts, wetsuits or sunscreen so make sure to bring those with you. Rash shirts might be available for purchase at Club Med Kani boutique but best to pack some before arriving!

Surf lessons for beginners

We offer private and group lessons depending on your needs and comfort:

Private lessons: if you'd like a more in-depth experience and maximum training with an ISA-certified instructor.
Groups lessons: available for the first surf lesson from the reef and the outing will be for two beginners maximum with one instructor.

We keep this low number to ensure comfort and safety. The lessons include board hire, first surf lessons from the reef and then an outing on waves for 2 hours with a speedboat. We will take you on a surf break that is easy and mellow enough for best experience as a beginner.

Because we care for your little ones

We are very conscious of the safety of our little guests as waves break on the reef. Therefore, kids will have to be at least 11 years old to be surfing near Club Med Kani. Also, you should feel confident that your kids know how to swim and are comfortable in the water.
We usually bring children to the "Baby Chicken" surfing spot where the wave is inside the reef meaning smaller and deeper water so less risk of getting hurt on the reef. And for kids taking beginner lessons, the surf instructor will not bring them out if the conditions are dangerous.

"Is the kids price the same as an adult?"

Yes, it is the same price for outings or lessons as the service is the same as for adults.

"Can someone accompany me and stay on the boat while I surf?"

If there is space on the boat, family or friends that are not surfing can accompany at no extra cost. However we would not recommend it as the boat will stay in the same spot for two hours and it increases the chances of getting seasick.

Eryn Krouse Testimonial

Eryn Krouse, former competitive swimmer as a young child, soon discovered a passion for surfing, free diving, and open water swimming. She discovered a surfing paradise in the Maldives. Discover her testimonial:

"Getting to the surf spots by boat was easy, since Club Med is very organized with their Excursions team. I loved that they would provide you with a bottle of water as well as knowledge of the local spots and where would be best to surf, depending on skill level and whether you wanted to surf a right or left-breaking wave. It’s also convenient to get to from both Club Med Kani and Finolhu. While staying at Club Med Kani, I was able to walk to Ninjas by foot, although stepping through the reef was difficult. (Difficult, but possible!)"


How to book your surf package?

For travel between 1st June and 30th September (surfing season), you can pre-book your surf package online, via 0800 258 263 or book directly at the excursion counter in Club Med Kani.

For travel between 1st October to 30th May, you can only book directly at the excursion counter in Club Med Kani as the surfing conditions might vary, with especially small and inconsistent conditions between November and February.

"What happens if the surfing conditions are not good?"

If the weather really doesn’t allow a safe surf on that day, we will cancel without any charge and refund or reschedule for the next day if weather permits.

"What if I need to cancel?"

If you cancel the day before, a 50% charge will incur and a 100% charge will incur if it's on the same day.
If you are sick, you'll need to get a medical certificate from the nurse at Club Med Kani to be able to cancel at no charge.

Surfing spots accessible from our 2 resorts:

from NZD 2,340 instead of NZD 2,910 per person, all-inclusive*



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