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Surf epic Maldives waves from Club Med Kani

Imaging waking up to a turquoise paradise, grabbing your board and heading for an epic surf on world-class waves… welcome to Club Med Kani, Maldives! Discover the Maldives’ famous surf spots located just a few paddles away from Club Med Kani.

The surfing season starts end of May and finishes end of October with the biggest waves between July and August.

Why surf in the Maldives?

A surf destination on the rise, the Maldives provide a great range of left and right reef breaks which will leave any surfer super stoked. and. A bit more forgiving than Indonesia or Tahiti, Maldivians reef break still suit best the intermediate to advanced surfers. Waves can range from a mellow 2 feet during the surf season (May-October) to a whopping 15 feet during the highest months (July-August), best for the brave at heart! During the dry season of November to February, there might still be some waves around but won’t be the main swell period – so pack a board just in case of a nice surprise swell, get some snorkeling or diving and spend some nice time with friends and family.

Surfing spots accessible from our 2 resorts:

from NZD 1,958 instead of NZD 2,768 per person, all-inclusive*



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