Welcome to the Spy Academy!

Make your kid's dreams come true with our exciting new Mini Club experience inspired by the upcoming animated movie "Spies In Disguise"! Kids from 4 to 10 years old will get a chance to be part of the Club Med Spy Academy, a training school for future secret agents. This training school hidden in the resort will teach them the skills to become the best spies through adventure-filled activities and spy-themed missions!

Available in selected Club Med Asia resorts from November 2019 to March 2020*.

*Subject to changes

Spies Up your lives - The Club Med way

The world’s greatest super spy Lance Sterling, and his partner Walter Beckett are recruiting a new team of secret agents to join them on a top-secret mission ... and it is all happening at Club Med's resort in Asia! Spy Academy starts as soon as the spies-in-training enter Club Med's Mini Club and the experienced is infused throughout their entire stay. From the induction ceremony where they will receive a Spy Kit, to thrilling activities along with the final "Spy graduation" ceremony, your kids will get an unforgettable time during their holidays!

How does the Spy Academy work?

Children will receive their Spy Kit upon registration at the Mini Club, officially inducting them into the exclusive Club Med Spy Academy! Each day of the week, the children will be assigned top secret missions and can look forward to exciting activities and new challenges such as mastering the art of camouflage, trying their hand out at deciphering codes, and crafting their own invisible ink.

To get all the necessary skills and tools to become a super spy, Kids will have to complete these 4 steps:

1. Receive the Spy Academy Kits: Kids meet Mini Club G.Os at the entrance of the Mini Clubs to receive their Spy Kits (Bracelet + Passport).

2. Attend the welcome ceremony : Our professionally trained G.Os will register and welcome little agents. They will also get an induction to the whole experience.

3. Take part in the Spy-themed activities: To collect stamps on their passport and get their certificate, Kids will be given fun mission allowing them to experience new activities!

4. Receive the Spy Certificate: On the last day of their stay, G.Os will award kids with a certificate of completion.

An enriching and unforgettable experience for kids

All Spy Academy activities are also aimed at personal growth and enhancement, to ensure that all children leave Club Med having learned something new and bring home new experiences. Besides being fun and engaging, activities like trapeze and archery instil confidence and courage in participants, while memory games that utilise new languages teach new skills that can be translated into the real world. Parents can rest assured sending their kids off to Spy Academy, knowing that Club Med always has their little one’s best interests at heart.

Spy Academy is available in the following resorts