Peace of Mind Policy

Book and travel with peace of mind

Club Med is committed to providing flexibility with your future travel plans

We understand in the current context, travel plans can change. That is why we are committed to providing you flexibility for your next trip, whether it's a new booking or an existing booking.

Your Club Med holiday now comes with complete Peace of Mind. You have the opportunity to change your travel plans up to 30 days before your departure date with different options listed below.

For more details about the Peace of Mind Policy, click here.

UP TO 30 DAYS BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE DATE, You will be able to choose between the following options:

Bookings made for travel dates up until 31st October 2021

What to do next?

Now that you are aware of the options regarding your future travel with Club Med, you can :

  • Book your next holiday online following this link.
  • Call us on 0800 258 263 (Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm AEDT)

If you already hold a booking and you want to know what are your options regarding this one: please check the "Existing Bookings" section above.

WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR DEPARTURE DATE 100% cancellation fee applies when cancelling or amending your booking.

Terms & Conditions

1 If your booking is not affected by the Australian or New Zealand Government Outbound/Inbound International Travel Restrictions and you decide to cancel or modify your booking, cancellation or amendment fees apply as per Club Med standard terms and conditions.​

2 The offer applies to rebook your 2020/2021 holiday to 2022 departure between the months of May to October only. The applicable resorts are Bali, Phuket, Bintan, Cherating, Kabira, Tomamu, Maldives, Guilin, Sanya, and Beidahu. We currently offer departure dates up until 5th June 2022. If your booking is for other resorts or travel dates outside of this time, we will be in touch to advise your options. ​

3 Subject to local or international seasonality changes, such as Easter, Public Holidays, Chinese New Year, Golden Week, School Holidays or other such seasonal dates, a suitable alternative will be provided, likely (flexibility of 7 days before or after original check in date) which do not fall within blackout periods, airline fees and other transport and services are at the client's own expense.​

4 Any additional costs including Club Med stay, airline fees and other transport and services are at the client's own expenses. A $50 per person amendment fee will apply when any further changes are made however they must still fall within the above-mentioned departure dates.​

5 If your booking continues to be affected by the Australian Government Outbound International Travel Ban, we will update our policy and advise you accordingly. ​

6 To qualify as a new booking, the booking must not be (a) associated with any previous booking, or (b) an amended previous booking, and shall not be paid in full or in part using a credit or transfer of payment from a previous booking.​