What’s travel going to look like for the rest of 2020 and into 2021? It’s not an easy question to answer. After all, there’s so much uncertainty which makes planning impossible, no matter how much you’re ready to go on your next overseas adventure.

But it’s a question that keeps on popping up. So, we wanted to hear from our jet-setting fans to discover what you’re thinking about travel – from where you’d like to go, when you’re ready to hit the skies and the type of holiday you’re most looking forward to. Over 2,250 Aussies and Kiwis answered all these questions and more. Finally, we’ve crunched the numbers to create our very first Club Med Travel Index.

Read on to discover what you’re all thinking when it comes to travel for 2020 and 2021. Strap yourself in, you’re in for a ride.

When will you travel again?

The most uncertain question is when travel will resume, either abroad or domestically. Some are craving to spending a day soaking up the sunshine and relaxing to the sound of the waves. Others are missing that feeling of skiing down a slope in Japan.

We wanted to know when you would feel safe to travel again:

  • 70% want to travel domestically before the end of 2020
  • 80% want to travel abroad before September 2021

What type of holiday will prove most popular?

After being in lockdown for most of 2020, we were very eager to see what type of holiday you’re most looking forward to. We hear you loud and clear! A massive 60% of you are wanting a beach getaway more than ever. And outdoorsy, nature orientated getaway will clearly be favoured over cultural or discovery ones this year.

The 4 most popular holidays for when travel resumes are:
1. Beach Holiday (62%)
2. Natural Holiday (25%)
3. Snow holiday (23%)
4. Cultural holiday (22%)

Also worth noting that 63% of you will take these holidays as an opportunity to enjoy time with your close family, 33% as a couple and 20% with friends.

What are going to be the hit destinations?

No surprise there… The top destinations outside of Australia and New Zealand are still nearby destinations in Asia, especially Bali, Bintan Island and Phuket. Europe’s landscapes and cultures are also still something a lot of you want to experience.

  • 40% want to travel to South East Asia to visit the stunning beaches of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
  • 37% have the nearby Pacific Island on their wish list. Bula Fiji!
  • 30% are looking forward to jetting off to Europe - no wonder when you can easily explore gorgeous locations like France, Italy and Greece!

What will be most important to you when choosing your next holiday?

No wonder that given the current context, Hygiene and Safety are topping the list. The Flexibility in your booking will also be a key deciding factor when choosing where you head off and with who. According to the results, these are the 4 most important factors you will look for when choosing your next holiday:
1. Hygiene and cleanliness (80%)
2. Safety of the destination (60%)
3. Flexibility in booking policies (54%)
4. Atmosphere and Friendliness of the staff (46%)

How is Club Med Adapting to your new expectations?

 Heightened Hygiene and safety standards  Discover our Safe Together Program here.
 Flexible bookings conditions that let you change your mind up to 30 days before departure
 Check out our new Peace of Mind Policy.

Will you travel for longer, shorter or ‘same as usual’?

It appears that some of you want to make up for lost time by taking longer holidays and others will opt for several shorter holidays.

However, most of you won’t change the length of your stay on holidays (70%). Still, 23% of you plan to take longer holidays to make up for lost time and to discover local cultures.