Earning their first skiing badge is easier than you think with Club Med and ESF, ESI or ESS.

At Club Med, we remember how it felt to discover the joy of winter sports and to earn our first badges, and we want to pass that on to the next generation. We have partnerships with national ski schools, and run award ceremonies for proud children and parents. Overview of available classes.

Learning to ski with an expert partner

Club Med chooses to work with national ski schools like ESF in France, that has more than 70 years of experience in teaching this sport. The programme comprises group skiing courses adapted to every age and level, as well as private lessons. Are you spending your holiday in a Club Med Resort in Italy or Switzerland? Your children will benefit from the same quality of supervision thanks to partnerships with ESI and ESS. In Japan and China, the ski instructors have been trained by ESF, and in Canada they have been trained by the Canadian national ski school.

At their own pace, they rise through the ranks of the 9 levels included in the Club Med packages. From Piou Piou to Gold Star, via Snowflake, young ones can start to dream of becoming champion skiers. At Club Med, kids can discover the joys of powder snow from the age of 3**.

*At extra cost

**At extra cost in some Club Med Resorts

How is Club Med's partnership with ESF (French national ski school) advantageous to you?

How do you know which classes to enrol your children in?

From the age of 3, children can join Petit Club Med®** where the instructors introduce them to skiing. When they're 4, they can start to make progress with the instructors from the national ski school. On the programme: understanding the basics of alpine skiing and learning how to use the snow belts. These fun lessons take place in the Snow Garden, ensuring learning in a totally safe environment. At the end of the course, the children become Piou Pious, for example, in France (or the equivalent in non-French-speaking countries)*. Their cheeks rosy with joy, they receive their first medals, in the form of a chick.

After the age of 5, and if your child is a beginner, it's the Teddy Bear* they'll be aiming for. However, if they can already slide and do a snow-plough stop, they are awarded a Snowflake.

Next come the Stars* depending on their level. The aim of the 1 star* courses is to teach them to keep their skis parallel when turning. At the 2nd star* level, it's time to tackle the blue pistes. For the 3rd star*, your child can control their balance and schuss down the slope.

*Depending on the country where you're hurtling down the slopes, remember that there may be equivalents to the different levels taught by ESF.

**At extra cost in some Club Med Resorts

And how should you choose lessons for older children?

Before they can follow in the footsteps of Olympic champions, children need to earn three medals. The Bronze Star* awarded to those who can parallel ski and skid to a stop. Can your kid take the bends one after the other and take off on bumps? Then they're ready for the Silver Star*. The ultimate dream of their ski holiday is to win the Freestyle Competition*. If they can manage slalom and change the rhythm and radius on bends, then they're ready to move on to the next stage. The Chamois* and the Arrow* aren't far away.

And to end the classes in style, Club Med organises an emotion-packed medal ceremony. Your children will receive their awards with pride to the sound of applause.

*Depending on the country where you're hurtling down the slopes, remember that there may be equivalents to the different levels taught by ESF.

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